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NOTICE: Loss of ACICS Accreditation

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Medical Assistant Associate Degree Program

Display your passion for caring for others by enrolling in the Medical Assistant Associate Degree program at Jones College. Offered at our convenient campus location in Jacksonville, FL, the Medical Assistant program can help you realize your true worth in the healthcare field.

The basic sequence of medical courses - Including Introduction to Medical Insurance Coding and Human Anatomy and Physiology - is supplemented with business and general education requirements designed to round out the educational experience.

Following graduation from Jones College, students will be aptly prepared to take on entry-level employment as a medical assistant, medical office assistant or medical receptionist. Professionals in these three areas complete clinical and administrative tasks under the direction of doctors, nurses and other health practitioners. Most work full-time hours in medical offices or healthcare facilities. No matter what goals you set for yourself, Jones College can help you achieve them.

Additional Requirements


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Accepted applicants interested in either of the medical degree programs will be enrolled into the Medical Assistant Associate Degree program first. Upon completion of this two year academic program, graduates will be scheduled to take the National Center for Competency Testing (NCCT) Medical Assistant Certification test. Students and new applicants interested in enrolling into the Allied Health Management Bachelor Degree program must have successfully completed this test (or an equivalent medical certification test) and earned the Medical Assistant certification prior to petitioning for enrollment. Medical Assistant certification need not be current for acceptance into the bachelor degree program.

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