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NOTICE: Loss of ACICS Accreditation

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Interdisciplinary Studies Bachelor Degree Program

For students who are career-focused and ready to go, the Interdisciplinary Studies Bachelor Degree program at Jones College is a perfect fit. Offered completely online or at our campus location in Jacksonville, FL, the Interdisciplinary Studies program provides a unique student experience not offered at every school.

Within the program, students take courses directly associated with their specific career interests. In a traditional degree program, courses pertaining to the major are evenly blended with general education and elective courses. Interdisciplinary Studies students take a different approach, focusing more on the courses that produce skills usable in the workforce. An "Open-Major Concentration" permits the student to develop skills in a variety of career-related disciplines.

Upon graduation from the program, students are prepared to take on a position that doesn't require a four-year degree in a particular field of study. Interdisciplinary Studies students commonly begin working in management, marketing, computer applications and programming, legal studies, allied health and education jobs. In completing an Interdisciplinary Studies bachelor's degree, students have the opportunity to jump on the fast track toward a promotion in their chosen field. No matter what you choose to study, Jones College can propel you into a bright future.


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