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NOTICE: Loss of ACICS Accreditation

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Elementary Education Bachelor Degree Program

Have you always been interested in becoming a teacher? If so, start training to mold young minds by enrolling in the Elementary Education Bachelor Degree program at Jones College. Offered at our convenient campus location in Jacksonville, FL, the Elementary Education program can put you on track toward a lifetime of fulfillment.

While at Jones College, students receive the tools and training needed to teach, facilitate and coach elementary-aged children. Through a combination of hands-on approaches and interactive discussions, you'll learn how to apply concepts in subjects such as mathematics, science, social studies and language arts. With practice, you'll be fully prepared to assist children in problem solving, critical thinking and abstract concept understanding - the building blocks of academic success.

Upon graduation, Elementary Education students have the skills needed for an entry-level position as an educator within the state of Florida's public school system. If you're ready to lead today's children into a bright future, enroll today at Jones College and begin a rewarding journey.


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