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Jones Faculty and Administration

Our faculty helps to provide students with relative Real World experience, help them make connections between academic and practical use of training, and bring greater understanding of career expectations.

Jones College faculty and staff members are actively involved in continuing education. They regularly attend workshops and conferences to sharpen teaching and administrative skills.

If you're interested in teaching for Jones College, please contact

President of the College Everett Smith esmith@jones.edu.

Jones College Contacts

Technical Issues:

For technical support and emergency contact information please visit http://support.jones.edu.

Academic Issues:

Note: Instructors are always the first point of contact for resolution of academic issues.

If the problem is not resolved after discussing it with your instructor, contact your respective Department Chairperson.

Leon Crawley - Allied Health Management/Medical Assistant:
Call ext 237 or send an email to lcrawley@jones.edu to set appointment

Charles Jones - Business Administration:
Call ext 236 or send an email to cejones@jones.edu to set appointment

Bjorn Foss - Computer Information Systems :
Call ext 214 or send an email to bfoss@jones.eduto set appointment

Cristina Valentino - Elementary Education:
Call ext 217 or send an email to cvalentino@jones.eduto set appointment

Mark Marianek - Interdisciplinary Studies:
Call ext 216 or send an email to mmarianek@jones.eduto set appointment

Latangie Williams - Legal Assistant:
Call ext 215 or send an email to LWilliams@jones.eduto set appointment

Admissions Offices:

General Inquiries: admissions@jones.edu

West Campus:

Director of Admissions
Dalia Kennedy
Email: dkennedy@jones.edu
Telephone: 904-743-1122, ext 230
Toll Free Number (For DL Students): 800-331-0176, ext 230

Erika Tooley
Email: etooley@jones.edu
Telephone: 904-743-1122, ext 257
Toll Free Number (For DL Students): 800-331-0176, ext 257

Vicki Seipel
Email: vseipel@jones.edu
Telephone: 904-743-1122, ext 257
Toll Free Number (For DL Students): 800-331-0176, ext 257

International & Re-Entry Students:
Mary Barber
Email: mbarber@jones.edu
Telephone: 904-743-1122, ext 274
Toll Free Number (For DL Students): 800-331-0176, ext 274

Career Development Offices:

Jacksonville and Distance Learning:
Corey Williams
Email: cwilliam@jones.edu
Monday - Thursday 8:00 - 6:00 PM
Friday 8:00AM - 12:00PM
Telephone: 904-743-1122, ext 271
Toll Free Number (For DL Students): 800-331-0176, ext 271

Deans Offices

All general inquiries: deans@jones.edu

Dean: Ms. Kelly Snodgrass
Email: ksnodgra@jones.edu
Telephone: 904-743-1122, ext 213

Associate Dean: Ms. Mariann Boggs
Email: mboggs@jones.edu
Telephone: 904-743-1122, ext 272

Associate Dean: Ms. Angela Mealer
Email: amealer@jones.edu
Telephone: 904-743-1122, ext 213

Financial Aid Offices:

General Inquiries: financialaid@jones.edu

Campus hours are 8:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday through Thursday and 8:00 am to 12:00 pm on Friday.

Teresa Ayers
Email: tayers@jones.edu
Telephone: 904-743-1122, ext 278

DL Student Toll Free Number (within USA only): 800-331-0176, ext 278

Jeanette Robey
Email: jrobey@jones.edu
Telephone: 904-743-1122, ext 245

DL Student Toll Free Number (within USA only): 800-331-0176, ext 245

VA Contact
Phyllis Quillen
Email: pquillen@jones.edu
Telephone: 904-743-1122, ext 259
Student Toll Free Number (within USA only): 800-331-0176, ext 259


Marie Lanier
Email: wlanier@jones.edu
Telephone: 904-743-1122, ext 203

Jones College Radio:

Jones College
5353 Arlington Expressway
Jacksonville, FL 32211-5588
Attn: Mr. Kenneth L. Jones, General Manager

Email: wktz@jones.edu (General Information)

wktzsales@jones.edu (Sales)

kjones@jones.edu (General Manager)

Telephone: 904-371-1184

Toll Free Number: 800-331-0176, ext 184

Website: http://wktz.jones.edu

For Admissions call 800.631.4056.
For all other inquiries, call 800.331.0176 or 904.743.1122.


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