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4 Ways to be more concise in your job search NEW YORK, NY -- Job Search: Set up free job alerts on several sites that will email you relevant postings at your specified frequency. Use job search engines to aggregate jobs from many different sites so that you can catch postings from both large job sites and niche job boards. Don't rely exclusively on the Internet for your search. Get out and meet people socially and professionally too.

Resume: Quality wins over quantity. This applies on your cover letters as well. A one-page resume doesn't mean you have less worthy experience than someone with two pages. It usually is a positive sign, because it tells hiring managers you can write concisely and apply only relevant experience. Cover Letter: Brevity doesn't mean ignoring the cover letter. It's still very important, and it's not a retelling of your resume. A way to instantly attract someone to read your cover letter is to use bullets in part of the letter to showcase the accomplishments and qualities you offer.

Interviewing: An interviewer wants to know, "how can you help me/our company?" Make sure you answer this in the interview. As you answer questions, use one or two specific examples to demonstrate a personal quality or situation they've asked about. The key in all these aspects of the job search process is to practice. The more you search, the more you write and the more you talk to other professionals, the better you'll get at creating space and being brief.

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