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Gratitude and job search success go hand-in-hand SEATTLE, WA -- If things aren't going well with your professional life (maybe you're engaged in a frustrating job search), you might feel as if you don't have much to be grateful for right now. You could be viewing Thanksgiving Day as "Turkey Day" at best. Here are some things to consider...

Refocus Your Job Search Outlook: Take a look at your situation pragmatically and identify any potential positives about it. Decide what kind of different attitude or approach you can take and revise your search strategy. Become aware of things you've been ignoring or were previously unaware of. For instance, maybe there are people who have expressed interest in your career success, but for some reason you haven't taken them up on it. Taking a few minutes to refocus your job search outlook can open up possibilities you weren't able to see before.

Gratitude for Major Changes Completed Successfully: Often, achieving a successful job search or career success goal can be less about moving from Point A to Point Z and more about going from A to D to M to C to K. In other words, you don't take a straight-line path. Suspend disbelief for a while and give gratitude a try. It could make a big difference in your overall results. We each go through many job search challenges. The key is to learn something useful from each one which helps offset the negative feelings you might be experiencing.

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