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3 Ways to fire up your summer job search NEW YORK, NY -- Make it easy to schedule time with you. Summer is already a scheduling nightmare on the employer side because multiple vacation demands need to be considered. Make yourself readily available. Always carry an updated calendar with you; sync your phone with your main computer; sync your family calendar with your business one. You might also try an online scheduler, where you can provide a link for the other person to see your availability and schedule directly.

Incorporate summer's unique value proposition into your search activity. Propose outdoor networking meetings. Reconnect with lost networking contacts by asking about vacation plans or sharing exciting plans of your own to keep in touch. Many people work better when it's brighter so exploit the longer summer days and get up earlier to put in extra research time and stay out later to add in more networking.

Pitch for summer "internships". Many companies offer a summer internship program to take advantage of the off season for students. But with more of the workforce now in freelance and temporary roles, experienced professionals should consider tapping into summer opportunities for their own employment prospects. After all a company might need vacation coverage for experienced employees that's beyond the scope of what an intern can provide. If you have only been focused on permanent, full-time jobs, consider adding consulting services to your pitch.

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