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3 Job search myths...busted! WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Job seekers frequently go into the job search process with assumptions about how to present themselves and what employers want to hear. Preconceived notions need to be challenged in order for a job search to be successful. Here are three things you should understand and act upon to make yourself an attractive candidate:

1) Your resume isn't your professional autobiography. Often, job seekers try to include everything they have ever done on a resume. Think differently! Consider your resume a marketing document that presents your most attractive features to the people who are most in need of the value you provide. Clear away the clutter of information, and keep your overall message focused. 2) Your LinkedIn profile shouldn't just be an online version of your resume. When you cut and paste your resume into your online profile, you demonstrate a lack of knowledge about how social media works.

Make every effort to complete all the sections of your online profiles and include rich information, such as PowerPoint presentations, portfolios of your work, skills, languages and more. 3) Your interview isn't just about answering questions. You need to be prepared to answer everything from the standard strengths and weakness and salary questions to more thoughtful behavior-based questions. At the end of your answer to a behavioral question, you might turn the question around and pose it to your interviewer.

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