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Tips to help you get employed faster ASHEVILLE, NC -- Time your search right. Some seasons are more favorable for job searchers than others. If you're itching for a change, start your search at a time of year when companies are more likely to be looking for new employees. The big months for hiring are January and February, and late September and October. Job seekers who make contact right at the start of these cycles have the best chance of being hired.

Let people know you're looking. Reach out to former co-workers and others in your network and ask for a favor that might help move your job search along. People are more likely to help if you give them something concrete they can do. For instance, you might ask your neighbor if she can connect you with a hiring manager at her former company, or you might ask your old manager if she'd advise you on the companies you're considering.

Show employers what you've done. At the top of your resume and LinkedIn profile, use a summary statement that focuses on your relevant accomplishments. Show hiring managers and interviewers what you've done in the past and how that will make you a better employee for them. Also, consider volunteering in your industry. It can give you exposure to varied skill sets and make you a more versatile, attractive employee, not to mention a more competitive job seeker.

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