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4 Horrible job search tips to ignore TRENTON, NJ -- Horrible Tip One: Use a traditional, sounds-like-everyone-else resume full of buzzwords. Why would anybody advise you to sound like every other job-seeker? Put a human voice in your resume, use the word "I" and tell your story in the Summary at the top! You aren't like anyone else, so don't pretend or try to be.

Horrible Tip Two: When applying for a job you're interested in, only follow the rules set out in the job ad. If you pitch your resume into a Black Hole recruiting portal, you might wait forever for a response. It's best to try to reach the hiring manager directly and address your cover letter to that specific person. Horrible Tip Three: Use your interview air time to explain why you really, really, really want the job. Do you go on a date to beg a person to go out with you? No! A first date is a recon mission. A job interview is a recon mission, too. Use your interview air time to learn more about what isn't working behind the scenes at your possible next job.

Horrible Tip Four: In your cover letter and on a job interview, talk about what other people say about you. Who cares what some unknown person thinks about you? The relevant question is 'What do YOU think about you?' Tell stories about real situations where you saved the day at work or anywhere.

Jones College Letter To Graduates

Dear Graduate:

Jones College is committed to providing a quality education to its students. The core curriculum for our varied programs of study must be constantly reviewed for up-to-date content if we are to help our future graduates meet the professional challenges they face.

We are asking you, as a Jones College perspective graduate, to participate in this vital review process by completing the enclosed combined Career Development Exit Interview/Graduate Satisfaction Survey. Please be assured that the information provided will be used for the sole purpose mentioned above. No information provided by you will be given or sold to anyone outside of Jones College.

Jones College is nationally accredited through the Accreditation Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS). This accrediting institution receives its accreditation granting authority from the U.S. Department of Education. The Combined exit interview/graduate satisfaction survey we are asking you to complete is part of our College's requirement to maintain its accreditation through ACICS. Completion of the survey is a requirement in obtaining your degree from Jones College.

We appreciate your cooperation with this survey and would also like you to know that career development service is here to serve our graduates and our community's employers at no cost.

Career Development Department

Complete the required exit interview/graduate satisfaction survey.


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