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Why you need to start your summer job hunt now SACRAMENTO, CA -- 1) The Hiring Process Takes A While: Searching for a new position can take much longer than you'd ever even expect. That's why it's best to be on the safe side and assume that it will take a while for you to make it from application to first day. So, it's really better to just start preparing now!

2) You Want to Leave Your Options Open: The same holds true when you're job searching during any part of the year - the earlier you start to look, the more options you'll likely have. You already know that there are some dirty, dirty jobs out there. And, nobody wants to be left with the bottom of the barrel gigs. Be on the proactive side, and you'll up your chances of scoring a job you actually want - rather than one you just need.

3) There's Less Competition: If your goal is to land a part-time, seasonal gig this summer, that's great! However, it's important to realize that there are tons of other people out there who are looking for that exact same thing. You'll also be competing with all of the high school and college students who are off for the summer. So, beat them to the finish line by starting to search while they're still occupied with school. Less competition in the job market is always a positive.

Jones College Letter To Employers

Dear Employer:

Jones College is committed to providing a quality education to its students. The core curriculum for our varied programs of study must be constantly reviewed for up-to-date content if we are to help employers meet the business challenges they face.

We are asking you, as the employer of a Jones College graduate, to participate in this vital review process by completing the enclosed employer satisfaction survey. Please be assured that we recognize the employers' concern over employee confidentiality issues and let us reassure you that the information provided will be solely used as mentioned above.

Jones College is nationally accredited through the Accreditation Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS). This accrediting institution receives its accreditation granting authority from the U.S. Department of Education. The employer satisfaction survey we are asking you to complete is part of our college's requirement to maintain its accreditation through ACICS.

We appreciate your cooperation with this survey and would also like you to know that you are welcome to list your future employment position openings with Jones College. Our career development service is here to serve our graduates and our community's employers at no cost.

Director, Career Development

Give us your feedback by completing the employer satisfaction survey form.


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Jones College
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