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5 Tips for searching for a job while still employed SEATTLE, WA -- 1) Keep It Quiet. In the majority of cases, you don't want your current employer to know that you're looking for a new job. One way to ensure that your search remains a secret is to share it with as few people as possible. Only share your plans with people that you trust completely.

2) Don't Let Your Work Suffer. It's easy to get so focused on your exciting job search that you start to let your work slip in your current position. Don't fall into this trap. Keep working as hard as you can to earn the glowing reference you'll need when you search for your next position. 3) Ask for Confidentiality. Don't list your current employer or co-workers as references if they don't know you're searching. And as you interview with new companies, be up-front with your desires to keep your search confidential.

4) Don't Change Your Habits. Don't show up to your casual office wearing a suit and tie. Play it safe by keeping an interview outfit in your car and making it a point to keep your behavior fairly consistent. 5) Search on Your Own Time. Be honest about your situation and see if interviewers will work with your schedule. Don't search for jobs on your work computer or use your company phone or email to communicate with potential employers.

Jones College Letter To Employers

Dear Employer:

Jones College is committed to providing a quality education to its students. The core curriculum for our varied programs of study must be constantly reviewed for up-to-date content if we are to help employers meet the business challenges they face.

We are asking you, as the employer of a Jones College graduate, to participate in this vital review process by completing the enclosed employer satisfaction survey. Please be assured that we recognize the employers' concern over employee confidentiality issues and let us reassure you that the information provided will be solely used as mentioned above.

Jones College is nationally accredited through the Accreditation Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS). This accrediting institution receives its accreditation granting authority from the U.S. Department of Education. The employer satisfaction survey we are asking you to complete is part of our college's requirement to maintain its accreditation through ACICS.

We appreciate your cooperation with this survey and would also like you to know that you are welcome to list your future employment position openings with Jones College. Our career development service is here to serve our graduates and our community's employers at no cost.

Director, Career Development

Give us your feedback by completing the employer satisfaction survey form.


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