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Ways to keep your job search secret SOUTHFIELD, MI -- So you're actively searching for a job while still going to work for your current employer every day. More than likely, you want to be discrete about your search. Here are a few strategies. If you have to go to an interview during your regular workday, take a personal day or do it during lunch. If your boss gets a call, let them know that you're always considering the next step up the career ladder.

Change your LinkedIn privacy settings and turn off your activity broadcasts. Don't hint to anyone about your job search online or in social networks. If you're networking with others, especially friends, let them know that you're keeping your search under the radar and to not post. Keep your online resume secure and confidential and don't list your current employer. Your resume should show limited personal information. Many job sites have a confidentiality feature so be sure to use it.

Be up front at your interviews. Hiring manager understand that the process has to be confidential. If they ask for a reference from your current employer, explain the situation and you would be happy to provide that reference at the point of an offer. Try to refrain from counteroffers. Employers aren't thrilled with candidates who go back and forth over salary offers. A great way to open discussions after you have received an offer is to ask for a meeting to discuss further.

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