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Don't sabotage your job search ROCKLAND COUNTY, NY -- Avoid these job search pitfalls: Being a selfish networker. The key to successful networking is offering value. Before you ask for help, be proactive and always offer. Whether it's an article of interest or sharing a contact in your network, offering your support early in the game underscores your value.

Being unprepared for the interview. Many candidates miss out on job offers because they are not prepared to talk about the business, culture, history and job requirements. Sites such as Vault.com and Glassdoor.com can provide excellent insight into a firm's corporate culture. Failing to proofread your resume. Many employers will automatically dismiss a candidate from consideration if their resume has typos. Always proofread your documents several times before sending them out. Better yet, reach out to a professional resume writer to scrutinize your resume.

Ignoring your online presence. The first thing a prospective employer will do after reviewing your resume is search for you on Google. If you don't show up there, the hiring manager will either conclude that you are a technological dinosaur, or have little to offer. Never commence a job search without creating a LinkedIn profile. Avoid the pity game. Age discrimination is a reality and it's also increasingly difficult for the long-term unemployed to find jobs. Blaming the economy or corporate culture for your misfortune will do little to muster sympathy for your cause. Avoid any such discussion.

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