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Are you setting your sights too low? WASHINGTON, D.C. -- When you're job searching, it can be hard to decipher a job description. It can also be tough to figure out what a company truly expects in a candidate. So, how can you tell if you're devaluing your experience? If the following situations apply to you, you may be setting your sights too low.

If you have been out of the workforce for personal reasons: Feel like employers won't understand why they took time off? They should. Be transparent about it in your cover letter. Don't think that you have to apply to a lesser job just because you have been out of work for some time. Remember that volunteer work is valuable and should be included on your resume. If you are currently unemployed: Some people think they will be completely looked over if not currently employed. This could happen, but it's less likely to if you're up front in a cover letter or resume about your reason for being unemployed.

If you are worried about your educational background: Strong work experience is often viewed as more valuable. Keep in mind, companies may consider work experience in lieu of a higher degree. If you've sent out dozens of job applications with no response: This is a sign that you may need to change your approach to job searching. If you haven't been doing any networking it's time to start! Referrals are still one of the top ways to get a job today.

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