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7 Steps to planning your current job search SEATTLE, WA -- 1: Ask yourself why you're looking for a new job. Are you looking for a new job because you hate your current field of work? Or is it because you have become so good at your job that you no longer feel challenged and need to step up and find something more stimulating. 2: Think about what you're looking for. Figure out what you want to do AND what you don't want to do. At the very least, know which fields or industries you're interested in, and what types of positions you're suitable for.

3: Know your strengths and weaknesses. What are you good at? Highlight them in your resume or you may not even be invited for an interview. 4: Do your initial research. Find out what opportunities are out there in the fields that you're interested in. Take a look at job boards, niche career sites and company websites of businesses you're interested in.

5: Set aside time to do your job search. Make sure it is your sole focus for that time. Make it your "job". 6: Set weekly goals. Setting measurable goals for yourself will help you to stay motivated and give you a feeling of achievement each time you meet a goal. 7: Practice your interview techniques. Always be prepared. List out some of the common interview questions and practice, practice, and practice!

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