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What's the best time of year for job hunting? BOSTON, MA -- The short answer to this question is "whenever you need one." However, the different seasons can impact a job search. Here are some reasons: Summer - For some companies, the interview and hiring process slows down in the summer, particularly in late summer when staff take vacations. However, there are some businesses and industries that experience their busiest periods during the summer, and other organizations adopt a "while it's quiet, I'll focus on recruiting" mentality.

Fall - Many businesses jump into gear after Labor Day and focus on getting things done that lagged in the summer. This is a time that they may be more focused on reporting their financials, not leaving much time for courting new staff. Winter - The holidays are not only distracting and encompass more vacation and travel time, but may also involve office closures for many companies. Weather can also be a factor, making it difficult for offices to schedule meetings for interviews.

Spring - In weather-related industries, such as construction, tourism, and hospitality, spring is when hiring peaks. It can also be a productive hiring period for companies that are focusing on new initiatives. New graduates entering the workforce brings more competition. No matter the season, there are exceptions to every rule. Understand the business cycles that are affecting the industry you'd like to work in and adjust your job search efforts accordingly.

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