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4 Ways to save time searching for a new job BOULDER, CO -- Over the last 5 years, many job seekers have started utilizing their smartphone, essential job board options and setting aside 1 hour a day for applying to new jobs. Here are some quick tips:

1) Download Job Board Mobile Apps. Download both the LinkedIn and the Indeed mobile apps. The Indeed mobile app makes it extremely easy to search and apply to jobs from your smartphone. With the LinkedIn mobile app, you can communicate with recruiters, professionals and industry leaders anytime. 2) Utilize the Easy Apply Options. One great feature on Indeed. is the "Easy Apply". With one click you can apply to jobs just using your Indeed profile and resume. This makes it easy to apply to over 20 jobs in an hour.

3) Create Job Search Alerts. The easiest way to receive notifications for your job search via email or mobile app is to create job search alerts. Job search alerts can be created on the job sites and mobile apps. Be sure to use relevant keywords and job titles when you create your job search alerts. Then you will be notified daily when new jobs are posted. 4) Make a List of Job Titles. Create a job title cheat sheet. Research your career interests by using Google to search for various job titles. One job type can have many similar job titles, because each company may refer to the same job type by different job titles.

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Online Recruiters Directory

  • Online Recruiters Directory - a comprehensive, nationwide recruiters' directory. The visitor can search for recruiters and headhunters by location, specialty or by other various criteria. The job seeker can send his resume to all relevant recruiters with one click. - Job Board Directory – a comprehensive Job Board Directory that is searchable by location or by specialty. There are more than 60 Job Boards listed in this directory.
  • The Job Finder Advisory is an interactive unique system offering customized, comprehensive and free expert career and job-hunting advice. The system offer a free tool that will offer advice and tips based on the job seeker background such as education, current job search status, and many other parameters.

Employment Assistance - Fee-Based Services

The following fee-based employment assistance service(s) provide discounts for Jones College students, graduates, and alumni. When soliciting information, or registering for services, please make sure that each is aware that you are a student, graduate, or alumni of Jones College to ensure that you receive the appropriate discount.

  • Education Career Services, Inc (www.careersi.com)
    Services: ECS offers a comprehensive set of career assistance products and services with hands on support throughout the employment search process. Special Note: Information is available on the ECS website, however, you are asked to contact Mr. Stephen Klubock directly at klubocs@careersi.com or (1-866-794-3337 ext 128) in order to receive the discount.
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