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Most employed job seekers want to change careers WASHINGTON, D.C. -- As the economy keeps generating jobs, people who stayed put during the recession are more confident that they can move on to greener pastures. That's not surprising, but here's what is: 86% of job seekers who are already employed are looking for work outside their current occupations.

"People are going after really different kinds of jobs, often totally different from the work they're doing now," notes Tara Sinclair, economist at job site Indeed.com's research arm, Indeed Hiring Lab. She and her team analyzed the job hunting activity of more than 430,000 people in Indeed.com's database. About 60% of those Sinclair studied are looking outside their current occupation without considering jobs in their current fields at all. About 28% of employed job hunters are actively trying to find work in a different state.

So, what can employers do to hold on to key employees? A raise or a bonus might help. Research shows that people who are already in highly paid occupations want to stay in their current fields. Money can be very useful for retention. Indeed's research also shows that employers who aren't offering flexible work schedules may want to consider it. Companies that have operations in several places around the country, or the world, might also think about offering star employees the chance to move. Mobility within the same organization, either to a different functional area or a different location or both, could be a real win-win.

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