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Investments you should make during a job search SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Educational Courses: Investing in your education is great way to make yourself more marketable. If you don't already have a bachelor's or master's degree, consider making this a goal. If you're in a broad industry, complete a certificate program. Taking the time to improve your current skills will give you a boost in this competitive job market.

Personal Career Coach: Advancing your career doesn't have to be a one man job. Forbes suggests investing in a career coach to increase your commitment level, improve your direction and help you hold yourself accountable. Reliable Transportation: If you live in a city, get familiar with the public transportation system. If not, it might be time to start thinking about investing in a car or other mode of transportation. Being able to get to and from work every day is something your future employer will expect from you.

Professional Appearance: Invest in some new attire that fits well, is up to date and makes you feel great. Schedule regular haircuts and strive to maintain healthy habits. Looking good will help you feel more powerful and confident in an interview. Online Presence: If you have a professional online profile but find yourself needing more exposure, think about investing in your own professional blog or website. If you'd rather invest in your existing online accounts you can upgrade to a LinkedIn Premium account, which puts you at the top of searches and labels you a Featured Applicant.

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