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5 job search shortcuts to speed up the process DENVER, CO -- 1) Know what you want so that people can help you. Knowing what you want accomplishes two important things. First, you give your network important clues about who they know who can help you. Second, you reassure your network that their credibility won't be damaged when they refer you to someone. By referring you, they are putting their credibility at risk. If you make a bad impression, you hurt them, too.

2) Clearly communicate what you want to do NEXT. Your job search is about your future - not your past! Make your target job clear in all your communications and, particularly, in your resume, online profiles, and other job search documents. 3) Ask people for help (and help them, too). Put your network to work. Former co-workers, former bosses, former clients, current and former neighbors, current and former classmates, etc. Networking is what connects people to jobs 70% to 80% of the time!

4) Pay attention. Recruiters and employers get the impression that some job seekers don't seem to read the job posting past the job title. So, show them that YOU are different by paying attention all the way through the process from the initial connection to the acceptance. 5) Use the Internet as a tool, not a solution. Be sure your LinkedIn Profile is up-to-date and spiffy. Twitter intelligently. Watch your Facebook friends and privacy.

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