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NOTICE: Loss of ACICS Accreditation

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Is it time for a new job? Ask yourself these questions. BOSTON, MA -- Am I learning and growing? Every role you take should enable you to develop new skills and increase your knowledge base. Even though it's true that in any job there will be times you'll be doing more than you'll be learning, gaining new insights and expanding your skill set is a critical part of being happy at work.

If you've tried creative ways to develop on your own, such as researching online classes or doing an informational interview with someone on a different team from yours, but you still feel stunted, this job may no longer be the one for you. Does the job still meet your expectations? Remember when you first read the description for your job and got all warm and fuzzy on the inside? How do you feel about that same job today? Has it morphed into a completely different role - one you're no longer interested in? Or have your own career priorities changed over the years?

Whatever the reason for feeling your job isn't a great match anymore, it's totally OK to admit you're no longer happy where you are. It's better to be honest with yourself and look for work or change to a different career that feels more in line with your current interests than to stick it out in a job that's got you doing work - day in and day out - that's making you miserable.

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