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NOTICE: Loss of ACICS Accreditation

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7 Tips to keep your job search a secret SEATTLE, WA -- 1) Know What You Want: Do your research at home. Determine what type of job will make you happy. Then start focusing on employers who are hiring. 2) Search On Your Own Time: When searching for a job, do it on your time. Don't search from your work computer or use your company email address or phone. Keep it personal and away from anything associated with your current job.

3) Don't Make Any Major Changes: To avoid any suspicion, keep your routine, wardrobe, and activities as normal as possible. 4) Be Careful Of Social Media: Don't announce your job search on social media and be sure to change your privacy settings. 5) Consider Your References: You'll most likely need to supply references during your job search. Do you have people outside of your current work circle who can vouch for you in a professional manner?

6) Ask For Confidentiality: Once you make contact with a prospective employer or recruiter, ask them to keep your job search confidential. 7) Watch What You Say: People are connected and they love to talk. If you truly want to keep your job search a secret, don't tell anyone! One last rule of thumb is to always treat your current employer with respect. While it may be necessary to keep your job search a secret, it's important to communicate your new job in a timely manner and do your best to leave on good terms.

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