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Five time-saving job search tips NEW YORK CITY, NY -- 1) Stop procrastinating: Optimize ALL your time. Many of us commute between 1-2 hours a day: This is optimum job prep time! And since studies suggest we're also most productive in the first few waking hours, there's no better time to conduct your job searching than in the morning.

2) Update your resume with career goals in mind: Take stock of your skills, where your key strengths lie and the direction you'd like your career to take. Once your resume and social media profiles are accurate, you're ready to embark on the job hunt. 3) Get networking: Get out and start meeting people. Grow your network with relevant industry contacts and attend events of interest. The wider your network, the more likely it will be that the jobs come to you.

4) Only apply for great jobs! When online, save time by only applying for roles you have a real interest in. Recruiters can also help you find a job. Be clear about your goals when you register with a recruiter, and they'll only contact you when suitable opportunities arise. 5) Allocate a window of time: Once you've completed your search and have saved a number of key opportunities that appeal, reserve a window of time to submit your applications properly. Complete these in order of priority, just in case you're interrupted and need to abandon them.

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