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Four essentials for a successful job search WASHINGTON, D.C. -- If you have decided today is the day to launch a new job search campaign, there are at least four things you should do. One: Define Your Goal - Your career goal should be a specific definition of the type of job you desire. Couple that goal with what you need to do to reach your goal. Candidates with goals are more efficient because they have narrowed their target and focused their efforts.

Two: Research Your Market - Is there a demand for this occupation? What's the forecasted demand of this occupation? Is this a thriving industry? What's the profile of the employers in this industry? Are the employers and jobs in a location in which you are willing to work?

Three: Update Your Resume & LinkedIn Profile - Write your resume with a goal in mind and present yourself as the ideal candidate for your target job. Customizing your resume and LinkedIn profile will demonstrate how you meet the needs of the hiring employer. Four: Create a Plan for a Multi-faceted Campaign - Your plan can be as simple as something you jot down on paper. It's a plan to which you will commit and define detail actions you plan to take on a daily and weekly basis. A multi-faceted campaign is best because you cover all fronts.

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