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8 Tips to help speed up your job search WASHINGTON, D.C. -- 1) Give yourself benchmark targets to reach. Evaluate your job searches at regular intervals: three months, six months, nine months, etc. 2) Simplify your career documents so employers can find you. Always use the same naming format structure - first and last name - for your resume, LinkedIn profile and email address. 3) Keep active and network through volunteering, consulting or contract work.

4) Brag a bit to show you're in demand. If you've been a serious candidate for a few jobs and have received offers, subtly communicate this to potential employers. Hiring managers like it when candidates they're considering are sought after. 5) Don't let them see you sweat. Never give the impression to prospective employers that you're desperate for a job. Desperation is never an attractive trait.

6) Reconsider your options. If you've been out of work for awhile, you should ask yourself every few months if it's time to expand or change your interests. Broaden your geographic parameters. Consider alternate job titles or roles or maybe even an entirely new career path. 7) Be prepared to answer tough interview questions. Never offer an answer expressing anger or spite. The response should convey that you're competent, have a strong work history and are a solid leader. 8) Remember that almost good enough can turn out to be good. Never forget that no job is perfect and a job you've been offered may well be a good next step.

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