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Looking for a job when you have a job? HOUSTON, TX -- Always keep your job search and work separate. Never search for jobs using your company's computer, and never use your work email to touch base with potential employers. Be very careful who you tell. Keep your job leads and interviews as private as possible while still harnessing the power of your network.

Schedule your interviews strategically. Try to schedule your interviews before or after work or during lunchtime. Be very careful of how you dress on days you have an interview. To avoid suspicion, quick changes in public bathrooms (or your home, if it's close enough) may be in order. Your current boss may see notice as a threat. It may seem ideal to give your boss a "heads up" that you're pursuing new ventures. But be very careful: Some employers may see your friendly "heads up" as a threat for salary or benefits negotiating power.

As much as you may like your current boss, it should be obvious to use former employers to be as references in your job search. If a potential employer asks if your current employer knows about your job search, be honest and tell him, "No." It's natural to feel optimistic about a new position after a stellar interview, but remember, that position isn't yours until it's offered to you. Don't submit your letter of resignation until you have an offer in writing.

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