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5 Job search tips for workers still employed NEW YORK, NY -- Don't search on company time: Dedicate time outside of work hours to search for a new position. Block out a time that will be used exclusively to peruse job postings, research companies and submit your resume. This will keep you free of distractions and focused on applying for jobs.

Keep it to yourself: To look for a new job while currently working requires wisdom - the wisdom to know who to tell, who to lean on and who not to tell. The best approach is often to remain private about your goals and actions at your current workplace until it's clear that you will be supported. Play it safe online: Be careful when visiting job boards or using social media to conduct your search. A single status update could be enough to alert your employer. You can further minimize the risk of being caught by ensuring your privacy settings are tight and using services that post your resume confidentially online.

Schedule smartly: Most hiring managers understand that you will need to make arrangements to communicate or meet outside of office hours. Schedule interviews for before or after work, or during your lunch break if time allows. Continue to work hard: Put forth your best work and retain strong relationships within your current office, because you may need to use your current boss or co-workers as references for future jobs.

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