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5 Tips to find a job faster in 2015 NEW YORK, NY -- Avoid the biggest job search mistake: Believe it or not, spelling and grammatical errors are the most common mistakes that job seekers make. Employers don't like to see mistakes on your applications. It shows that you might be a little lazy and aren't taking your job search too seriously. Your best bet is to triple check your application.

Staying organized: Create a job-search notebook or use online job tools to help you stay organized. This way you can track what job you applied to, when the application was sent, when you followed up, who the contact person is, when the interview is, etc. Following up: Following up on your applications is so important and the next step after submitting your application. Make sure you double check the job posting to see if they say anything about following up.

Be flexible and available: Employers are often looking for people who can work those hard to fill shifts, like nights and weekends. Think about 2014: If you spent some time looking for jobs in 2014, but didn't find a lot of success, think about any lessons you can take into 2015. Spend some time reflecting on last year's job search and where you think you could improve. Going over past mistakes and vowing to make 2015 the year you find that right-fit job can make a big impact on your search.

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