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3 Companies you should never work for SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- The High Turn-Over Outfit: Red flags: A company shouldn't be on the hunt for important roles in management or leadership every six months. If they are, they've fallen into a hire-and-fire cycle. This can indicate a few things. One, leadership may be very fickle, unable to land on the specific qualities they want in a candidate. Two, the company may have a bad internal culture which makes retention nearly impossible. Three, top level goals may be as fleeting as the talent.

The Culture Clash Corp: Red flags: Negative employee reviews, lack of focus on a true employee experience, recruiters evading your questions. A poor company culture should be a deal breaker. Even if a company's poor culture hasn't played out publicly, it can be bad for your career. It's well known that a positive company culture can drive financial performance and a productive workforce. Therefore, a negative culture can do the exact opposite.

The Curb Appealer: Red flags: Pristine and ideal image in marketing materials and publicity, however, the day-to-day operation is far from glamorous. Only the leaders have what can pass as offices, staff is dispersed among shoddy cubicles, lighting is awful, technology is outdated. Do your due diligence before you apply to a company to look inside its offices, get a sense of the digs and see if it's a place you want to spend 40+ hours a week.

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