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New ways to secretly search for a job WASHINGTON, D.C. -- One of the problems with finding a new job - if you already have one - has always been trying to keep your boss from knowing that you're looking. So how can you keep your job search off your manager's radar? Here are some guidelines for keeping your search on the down low.

Be careful about what you put on LinkedIn. Don't indicate that you're actively searching and make sure you're activity broadcasts are turned off. Don't tweet, blog or post on Facebook about your search. Schedule interviews first thing in the morning or as late in the day as possible. Many employers are willing to accommodate employed job candidates by offering interview times at the very start or end of the day. Don't use your company computer, email or other resources to job search. You might think it's fine to browse job postings on your work computer during lunch, but many employers monitor Internet use.

Avoid conducting phone interviews from work. Watch how you dress. In some offices, showing up in a suit for the first time in months is a surefire trigger for questions about whether you have an interview. Make sure the employers you're interviewing with know to keep your search discreet. it's reasonable to explain that your search isn't public and ask that it be kept confidential.

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