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Tricks to using online job portals LAS VEGAS, NV -- We all know that online job portals are a dedicated place to find jobs and new opportunities online. That's why at the beginning of a new search, so many job seekers start uploading resumes and keep waiting and hoping to get a response from at least one employer. Now the question is...did they get their expected response from this simple procedure? No, this entire process is not as simple as that. One can do this more methodically to get the expected result. Consider the following strategies when using any of the online job portals.

Add targeted keywords and keyword phrases in your resume to get more visibility. Prepare a dedicated cover letter with your resume to match the types of jobs you'll be searching for. Do a little online research about all your preferred companies and take note of their hiring trends. Subscribe for new job postings from your desired employers, so that you do not miss any new opportunities posted.

Continue updating your resume on a regular basis and include all recent professional and academic gains. Do not apply for several roles in a single company. Do not use the exact same cover letter and resume for each job you apply to. Always be sure to tailor your career documents to the specific job you are applying for. Take some time to develop different cover letters and resumes for different niches to make it more relevant.

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