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What turns employers off from your resume? GUNTER, TX -- Over Used Phrases: One of the biggest red flags for an employer is seeing the same phrases or descriptions over and over again. Avoid over used terms like "self-starter," creative" or "problem solver." Rather than using cliche phrases, describe your experiences and share your accomplishments.

Grammatical Mistakes: Have someone else look over your resume or look for a good resume service to help with the writing so you can avoid these costly mistakes. If your resume is riddled with grammatical or spelling errors, you are telling the hiring agent you do not care about your work either. Poorly Written Content: Your writing skills will demonstrate you can communicate effectively. It can also speak of your level of professionalism and education and show how much you care. Take time to write your cover letter and resume bio in an educated and professional manner.

Not Demonstrating Professionalism: Limit your information to areas related to your qualifications and skills. If the hiring manager is reading information about your private life, they're likely to ignore your resume or application altogether. Huge Gaps of Time Between Jobs: Fill in open areas of unemployment with explanations. A potential employer who sees a huge gap in your employment history will likely have lots of questions. They might think you left the hole deliberately and will wonder just what you are hiding.

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