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4 Ways to use social media to land your next job NEW YORK, NY -- 1) Get Direct Access: Social recruiting is on the rise. One big difference between applying on a website verses responding to a job posted on social media is that you usually get to see who posted the job. That means you have an opportunity to interact directly with the recruiter, HR representative, or even the hiring manager, which makes your chances of getting a call considerably higher.

2) Increase Your Chances of An Interview With Referrals: Being referred for a position by someone you know is important. It gives recruiters a higher level of trust in a candidate and makes their job easier by decreasing their reliance on a pile of resumes. Social media tools make it easy for you to find a potential referral through your network, or get introduced to someone through a mutual contact.

3) Join The Right Groups: Another way to connect with professionals in a certain field, company, or type of business is to join social media groups. LinkedIn and Facebook both have robust group features where you can take part in conversations with those who have similar professional interests. 4) Research The Hiring Manager: The more you can learn about the hiring manager, the better. If you take the time to research the hiring manager you'll be speaking with, the better you'll be able to position yourself for the job during the interview.

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