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How to engage more recruiters and employers WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Be Genuine: Your contact with a recruiter will likely begin with an introductory phone call. First, if they want to talk to you, you've already made their preliminary selection. The purpose of the call is to get to know you better and to help gauge your interest in the prospective role by providing more insight. If this particular role doesn't seem like a good fit, let the recruiter know what aspects of the job you do like and what you're ultimately looking for. If you're candid about your aspirations, the recruiter can be a key asset in your network.

Ask Questions: Don't dive straight into salary or benefits. Instead, increase your knowledge of the role and how it fits within the organization. Oftentimes you can discover details from the recruiter that will help you prepare for upcoming interviews with the hiring managers. If the recruiter tells you that the hiring manager is looking for a specific skill (and you do have said skill), be certain to make this a part of the conversation if you move forward in the process.

Continue the Conversations: Recruiters want you to be the perfect fit! As you move through the hiring process, keep in touch with the recruiter. Additionally, corporate recruiters do network with other corporate recruiters outside of their organizations. If you've impressed them, chances are they will spread your accolades to others in their field.

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