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Get your resume in front of the right people NEW YORK, NY -- 1) Don't give up on broken links. If you encounter one, or if you encounter an online application with errors, freezes or restarts every five minutes, don't panic. Find another way. Go to the company website, locate a staff directory, find the head of the department or the head of HR, and send a personal application to that person.

2) Customize your cover letter. Conduct some research to find out who's on the other end of the email address you're being asked to submit to. Then find out what you can about this person including a quick LinkedIn search to see if the two of you share any professional contacts. Target your letter to this person and tailor it to her specific needs. 3) Submit your letter to the department or team most relevant to the position. Some candidates copy their message to the HR director or the CEO of the entire company (this isn't usually necessary, but it can't hurt to cover every base.)

4) Follow up means everything. The best way to find out if your resume reached its target is to simply ask. Send an email or make a quick phone call to the person on the other end and find a polite, respectful, and brief way to confirm that your resume was received. If you don't get a clear response, call again the following day.

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