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Five Foods That Boost Brain Power

We know you love to eat… almost as much as you love attending Jones College. Right?!? And your fascination with chowing down probably intensifies during the holiday season, when you’re surrounded by cookies, cakes and feasts. We want you to enjoy every bit of it, yet also remember that proper nutrition is one of the keys to living a healthy life – in school or not. Below we list out a few delicious foods you should start eating for when you need a little extra brainpower.


As one of the best options out there for boosting alertness and preventing memory loss, look for oily fish to obtain essential omega-3 fatty acids. Most dieticians recommend three servings of omega-3 per week so, if you’re a seafood lover, don’t shy away from salmon, trout, herring or sardines.

Whole Grains

Eating a serving of whole grains can give you the burst of energy you need before a big test or a grinding study session. We always discourage trying to power through school on an empty stomach. Even if it’s just a muffin on the way out the door, you’ll be much better off than eating something unhealthy or not eating at all. Remember to eat whole grains in moderation – a large plate of pasta can put you to sleep just as quickly as a boring TV show.


Did you dread the nights as a child when green vegetables were on the dinner menu? Kids have struggled with leafy greens since the beginning of time, even though they are among the most nutritious foods in the typical human diet. Rich in vitamins, incorporating veggies such as spinach and broccoli into your repertoire can boost regular cognitive function. If you still aren’t keen on the greens, mix them into salads and dips, or with fruit drinks, so you can still gather their nutritional benefits.


If you need a dose of natural sugar, look no further than a heaping pile of berries. Studies suggest that the helpful antioxidants in berries – including strawberries, blueberries and blackberries – reduce the onset of mental decline and sharpen the memory. Grab a handful to get you through your morning, or top them on your favorite desserts after dinner.


We’re absolutely encouraging you to caffeinate with caution. Millions of people turn to coffee for their daily jolt, which can be quite beneficial for the short term. One or two cups per day can temporarily boost your alertness (and we think it tastes great, too). Try and limit your intake, though. Constant refills will create the opposite effect, adding to the fatigue you’re trying to combat. Plus, nobody enjoys going through caffeine withdrawals when they miss their morning cup.

Remember, Jones students – enjoy the holidays and the treats that come with them. Just also keep your physical and mental health in the back of your mind!


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