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Easy Gift-Giving Ideas for Students

For some of us, gift giving is a difficult, tedious and often frustrating task. The perfect gift never jumps out, is too hard to find in a store close by, or simply costs more than our budgets allow. But don’t let those reasons stop you from picking out great presents for your close friends and loved ones this holiday season. We’ve listed a few gift ideas that have proved to be some of the best over the years.

Gift Cards: Gift cards offer a perk that not many gifts can boast: flexibility. Most businesses that sell consumer products – restaurants, clothing stores, electronics stores, etc. – have gift cards available, and it only takes a card swipe to load whatever amount you choose onto it. If you need a gift for a holiday party or for a friendly acquaintance, don’t overlook the ease of a gift card.

Books: A book is a wonderful gift idea when you know a person – and their reading habits – extremely well. For big-time readers, book choices mean everything. So if you give a book because you know they’ll enjoy the story or you’ve heard it’s written by their favorite author, it’ll show that you put plenty of thought into what the gift receiver really wants.

Do-It-Yourself Gifts: Are you crafty or good with a hand saw? Put down the wallet and put those skills to work for you. Not everyone has the talent, time and artistic ability to pull off a solid DIY project, so if you have the chops, show your friends and family just how much they mean to you by building or gluing or paper mache-ing personalized gifts.

Food: Let’s be honest. Everyone loves free food and we’ve all got to eat. For these reasons, food options are always atop the list of great gift ideas. You can order a fruit basket, take a friend to a nice dinner or even purchase a restaurant gift card (as mentioned above). Try and find something you know they’ll like, or don’t be afraid to surprise them with something that they’ve never before tried!

Need some more ideas to get through your holiday checklist? Comment below with your thoughts so others can join in the conversation and bounce ideas off one another!

Happy holidays from Jones College!


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