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Qualities of a Successful Student

At Jones College we want success for our students. No matter what academic direction you choose, we help to develop skills you need to start a new career. Our expert faculty and friendly support staff are here to help you, but we know that a student’s success also depends on them. A great student possesses many great qualities, but we have narrowed it down to four key points. In order to be a successful student you must be organized, manage your time, actively participate, and be self-disciplined.


Organization is crucial to the success of any student. When a student gets the class syllabus or agenda it is important to write down all of the due dates for assignments, exams, and in class projects. Most students have a lot on their plate, between school and their home life, things can slip through the cracks. Having a calendar can be a great way to keep track of all the tasks you need to get done each week. Some students find it more helpful to use a calendar on their phone because they can set alarms to remind themselves of things. Others find that writing things on a printed calendar or even just writing a list in a notebook works for them. The important thing is that you find a system of keeping track of your responsibilities that works for you.

Time Management

Time management is simply the organization of one’s time. It is equally important to be organized when it comes to your time as it is to be organized in other aspects of your life. The first step to great time management is to prioritize. When you look at your calendar and your lists of things you need to do try to decide what needs to be done first. This doesn’t only apply to your classes and assignments; it also applies to your life outside of school.  If you prioritize your time than you will ensure that you have time for friends and family as well as school. A great student is not someone who has no social life, in fact it is good to take breaks from studying and spend time doing other things. Time management helps you to ensure you have time for your personal life as well as your education. Maintaining a healthy balance helps to create a more successful student.

Active Participation

An active student does better than a passive one. It is simple really, if you are focused and attentive in class you will retain more of what you are being taught. Actively participating class also helps you to better understand what you are learning. If you are asking questions then the teacher can tailor his explanation to you. Sometimes the way you word a question helps the instructor to better understand what the students need. Also, by actively taking part in class the instructor can see that you care about class and they are more likely to take an interest in you. If the teacher sees that you are struggling in class they may reach out to you to help you because they know that you are a good student.


This may be the most difficult aspect of becoming a successful student, but it is also the most important aspect. In order to be successful in school you have to be able to self-motivate. It is up to you to go to every class and actively participate. You have to be able to stay disciplined enough to do any extra studying or work from home that could help you better understand your classes. You have to reach out for help when you are struggling. Nobody can do these things for you. That is why being disciplined is the most important quality of a successful student.

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