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Prepping for Finals Week as a Legal Assisting Student

Jones College Legal Assisting students cover a ton of material within their program. That’s no secret. From intensive readings to lectures over court proceedings, there’s a lot of information to absorb. With so much to soak in, preparing yourself for finals as a Legal Assistant student can be a challenge. If you need some advice regarding the best ways to nail the big test, read on – some of these practices may be worth adopting.


In the weeks leading up to your final exam, make sure you’re reading through all the text outlined in the course syllabus. If you start early enough, this shouldn’t be too daunting of a task. To keep from having to re-read everything time and again, highlight significant content that you expect will be covered on the exam. Make note of terms and legal concepts that are unfamiliar. Then re-visit them.


Bring your notes and highlighted materials with you to lectures and use them to follow along. Mark any other content that your instructor emphasizes during class and add it to your artillery of study resources. This will help you focus on relevant items when the long hours of pre-exam studying come.


Before each class session, review the material that was discussed the previous day and make sure you have a firm grasp on the points covered. It’ll provide a nice refresher, and also allow you to move right into the current material. Try and complete this two-step process each day for maximum comprehension.


When the final exam is only a few days away, condense your study notes down to the terms and concepts that will surely be on the test. The goal here isn’t to forget the things that won’t be covered – the goal is to make the best use of your time by focusing on significant material. Efficiency is crucial when there’s so much to cover.


On the day of the final (hopefully you got plenty of sleep and ate a hearty breakfast), arrive at school early and lightly review your study guide. This isn’t the time to begin learning new information. It’s the time to reinforce what you already know. Meet up with friends and study together as a group. You can discuss difficult and abstract concepts that may not have made sense before.


As you enter the examination room, breathe deeply and trust yourself. You prepared well, and now it’s time to show your instructor how much you’ve accomplished in their class.


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