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Five Ways to Manage Your Time Better

Life can get pretty hectic – especially for those who are trying to balance school with other responsibilities, such as a job or family.  While sometimes it may seem like there aren’t enough hours in the day to go to school, work, clean the house, pay the bills, eat, sleep and to still have time to take a moment to relax, these five tips will help you use the time that you do have to your advantage!

  1. Make lists

Physically write down the items on your to-do lists. Many of us think that we can successfully remember the 18 things we need to accomplish between waking up and going to sleep, but we really can’t – not without having to waste time mentally digging through your list, at least. Take a second and write everything down. It’ll help you prioritize and tackle your most important tasks first.

  1. Start your day with a plan

It’s so easy to just wake up and go with the flow. It’s relaxing, too. But when we do that, we set ourselves up to be unproductive. Instead, take a few minutes before going to bed or just after you wake up to decide both what needs to get accomplished and what you’d like to accomplish. Go as far as to assign a certain amount of time to each task so you can stay on track. If this sounds like a quick ticket toward a mental headache, so go back to tip number 1 and write out a list that you can reference.

  1. Use a calendar

A calendar is a useful tool to go along with your to-do lists. Along with creating a visual, a calendar also helps you set deadlines for yourself. When you write something or type it out in your calendar, you’re more likely to follow through with the task since it has a set end date. You may as well get used to time binding now. Your future employer is going to expect you to hold this important skill.

  1. Get enough sleep

A lack of sleep can hinder your brain power and, in turn, slow you down. Have you ever pulled an all-night? Or tried to, at least? The next day is never very fun, is it? When you regularly aren’t getting the amount of sleep your body needs, your efficiency level drops considerably. You’ll be amazed at how much more productive you can be when you wake up feeling refreshed.

  1. Study effectively

Jones students: it doesn’t matter if you are working toward your degree in Elementary Education or Computer Information Systems. Studying effectively and efficiently will help you save time. Rid yourself of distractions and set up a quiet space. It will take you much longer to fully understand the material you are trying to learn if the TV is on, or if you’re checking Facebook every five minutes. Separate yourself from these distractions, and use them as a personal reward for when you finish your work!

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