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Three Common Learning Styles

Have you ever struggled to digest your course material while others around you grasp it with ease? If so, it may just be that you learn differently than your peers and need to process the information in your own way. In both academic and practical settings, three learning styles are commonly recognized. Try to figure out if you identify with one of the styles listed below more than the others.

1.       Auditory Learning

Auditory learners best absorb information through verbal lectures and communication. For example: an auditory learner may read well, but the information might not “click” until it is heard aloud. Lectures, discussions and recordings are generally the most effective ways to reach an auditory learner. Do you ever find yourself repeating a textbook passage over and over? Your brain may respond to spoken words much better than those written down.

2.       Visual Learning

Visual learners learn by seeing and easily take in new information through charts, diagrams and pictures. If you’re a visual learner, you may take notes during a class and then turn them into pictures that you easily can study. Or, when supplied with data, you develop your own graphs and tables in Microsoft Excel or another program of the sort. For you visual learners, seeing truly is believing.

3.       Tactile Learning

Tactile learners prefer to learn by experience. “Do” is a very powerful word for students who learn this way. They thrive in an environment in which they can touch things, build things and take things apart. Hands-on training programs and projects are critical for the tactile learner (also known as a kinesthetic learner). Does this accurately describe you? Most Jones students can probably identify with this learning style, at least in some way or another.

It doesn’t matter what kind of learner you are – all types serve their purpose. The important thing is to figure out what learning style best suits you, and then use it to your advantage. You’ll be amazed how much easier school (and your whole life) can be when you play to your strengths.


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