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Seven Tips for Student Survival

Whether you’re just starting out at Jones College or you’ve been around the block a few times already, there’s always room to improve as a student. Sometimes we forget the little details that lead to success in the classroom, so here’s a quick student survival guide to refresh your memory and help make your Jones College education run a little more smoothly.

1. Always attend class

Merely showing up and giving your attention to the instructor will do you more good than you can even imagine. When you’re absent, you miss out on both lecture material and any hands-on lessons covered that day. Skipping class is the quickest and easiest way to fall behind.

2. Know what’s expected of you

Instructors usually lay out their class expectations within a syllabus. Take note of all test dates, large assignments and other prominent events. Right from the get-go, you’ll know how much time and attention your class will require and you won’t be caught off-guard.

3. Establish study routines

We all love spontaneity and going with the flow sometimes. But, as students, we also naturally crave structure. It’s how we develop consistencies. Discover your best times and places to study, and then try to stick to that plan as often as possible. Where do you feel most comfortable studying, and when can you be productive with the fewest number of distractions? Once you find out, make it a habit to maintain your routine.

4. Be as productive as possible

Maybe you have a family to care for or maybe you work full-time hours. School may take up a lot of (if not all of) your extra time, so work hard to eliminate any extra, unneeded cramming and stress. If you have time between classes, start on your pile of homework instead of wasting time on Facebook.

5. Schedule breaks

This is not meant to contradict the above productivity tip – quite the opposite, actually. An important aspect of productivity is knowing when to set the books to the side and clear your head. Your brain can only handle so much at once, so plan short breaks during study time and relax a little. Go for a walk, enjoy a non-school-related conversation or play a game. Keep your mind fresh and you’ll do better work.

6. Find good study partners

If managed correctly, study groups can be beneficial to students who prefer not to work alone all the time, or who learn best through interactive discussions. Look for people who share your drive for learning and are willing to set time aside to work together on projects and test study guides.

7. Treat your body and mind right

Sleep, and eat right. Those are the two simplest wellness tips we can give. Your body needs adequate rest, so avoid staying up until the wee hours of the morning playing video games or watching movies. As for nutrition, eat a balanced breakfast every morning, and make sure your day includes meals and snacks not entirely comprised of junk food. Throw in fruits, veggies and whole grains to keep your body functioning as its highest possible level.

Want more tips for student survival? Contact the Jones College Career Services department.


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