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Easy Gift-Giving Ideas for Students

For some of us, gift giving is a difficult, tedious and often frustrating task. The perfect gift never jumps out, is too hard to find in a store close by, or simply costs more than our budgets allow. But don’t [...] Continue reading ->

Don’t Do These Things in the Workplace

When discussing post-graduation career advice, we generally focus our attention on things you SHOULD do to put yourself in position to succeed. But today we’ll take a different route and discuss what we suggest you DON’T DO in the workplace [...] Continue reading ->

Job Interviewers: How to Explain Getting Fired

Anyone who’s ever been let go from a job knows it’s not fun to answer questions about it during an interview. Inevitably, interviewers somehow find a way to reach that dreaded topic. Honestly, there’s no good way to sugarcoat losing [...] Continue reading ->

Finals Preparation: Start Early!

Effective test taking is all about planning. And that’s why we’re releasing this finals preparation guide now – in mid-November. You should have plenty of time to organize and develop a strategy. The last thing we want is for you [...] Continue reading ->

How to Stand Out in Your Medical Assisting Interview

What does it really take to stand out in your medical assisting interview? Actually, the answer lies in the question itself. You must stand out if you want to stand out. Make sense? If not, all we really mean is [...] Continue reading ->

Six Signs That You’re Destined to Become an Elementary Teacher

The idea of standing up in front of a class of youngsters sounds somewhat appealing, but are you fit to become an elementary teacher? Before you rule out the profession or start writing “future teacher of the year” on your [...] Continue reading ->

Turn Mistakes Into Professional Progress

Don’t allow the title of this article to confuse you. You don’t necessarily have to be a working professional for this topic to be relevant. Heck, it even applies to kindergarteners at some level or another. In this sense, “professional” [...] Continue reading ->

How to Manage Your Money While in School

We all could use a little more change in our pockets. That’s a given. Most of us deal with a laundry list of bills and expenses on a regular basis (including laundry), and it’s not so easy to organize – [...] Continue reading ->

Become an Effective Leader With the “Four Cs”

It’s simple to coast through a position with an “I just want to do my job and go home” mentality. With everything we have going on in our lives, why put forth unneeded effort? Well, if you want to get [...] Continue reading ->

Reasons to Become a Legal Assistant

Still trying to decide if a legal career is right for you? Go ahead and keep on thinking about it, but hopefully after you read this the answer will be a little more clear. We’ve highlighted some of the most [...] Continue reading ->

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