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Job Interviews: The Important Questions

When a job interview is wrapping up, you’ll probably get to ask your own questions. As much as this is an opportunity for you to gather more information about your possible position, it’s also another chance for the interviewer to evaluate your personality, thoughtfulness and career goals.

You want to sound confident in your questions, and you want them to be meaningful and pertinent to the position. If you have trouble thinking on your feet or are nervous, especially, you’ll want to prepare a few questions in the days prior to your interview. That way, they’ll come out smoothly and your interviewer will realize that you put some real thought into working there.

Here are four great questions you may want to consider.

Can you walk me through a typical day?

This is an important yet simple question that you should plan to ask during any interview. Hopefully, the answer you receive will be detailed enough that you gather a pretty good idea of your typical duties.

What do you enjoy about working here?

This question isn’t meant to throw off your interviewer or put them on the spot, but it does give them the chance to give their candid opinion regarding the positive qualities of the business or organization. Since you’re not asking about any negative aspects of the workplace, it shows that you’re more of the “glass-half-full” type.

Can you describe the company/organization culture?

In most cases, you can probably expect a fairly honestly answer if you ask this question. Every little bit of insight will help. By asking this, you convey that you’re interested in the company or organization’s working dynamics, which is more important than many realize. A strong culture is often a primary reason for employees to build a long-term future within their workplace.

What challenges will I face in this position?

What a way to prove early on that you’re willing to tackle tough situations. You don’t only want to know about the great perks of the job, but also the inevitable downsides. If given a straightforward answer, you’ll also have a better understanding of if this is the place for you. Let it be known that, if hired, you’ll be ready to take on any tough situation that comes your way.

Ask questions with genuine curiosity, and you’ll be set to nail your interview. The more thought you put into them, the more confident you’ll be in your ability to take on a position you really want.

For more interview tips, contact the Career Services team at Jones College today!


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