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How to Stand Out in Your Medical Assisting Interview

What does it really take to stand out in your medical assisting interview? Actually, the answer lies in the question itself. You must stand out if you want to stand out. Make sense? If not, all we really mean is that you must give employers a reason to remember you after interviewing several candidates.

The best advice we can give to those interviewing for a medical assistant job is to avoid using cookie-cutter answers. Be as specific as possible, and try not to use too many clichés. Because if you give vague, non-specific interview answers it’ll probably be tough to differentiate you from any other medical assistant applicant.

Here are a few common phrases that are popular in interviews. We don’t think you should completely avoid them, but we do have some suggestions for how you can make your answers more unique.

  1. “I work well with others.” Possessing this ability may be the number one skill employers look for in a medical assistant. A successful medical assisting career will include direct interaction with doctors, nurses and patients, so trust us. It’s important. But it’s probably also the skill most applicants will reference during an interview, which means that you’ll need to elaborate if you want to stick out from the pack. Make sure to have strong examples ready to discuss, such as the team you worked with in a previous job or your externship. Don’t just talk about your experiences. Demonstrate them to show your true value.
  2. “I love a challenge.” If you love to be challenged in the workplace every day, becoming a medical assistant is a great choice. But to be more specific, talk about a certain challenge you faced in a previous job, in school, or just a difficult time in your life when you were able to overcome an obstacle and succeed. Did you maintain a high GPA while also working night shifts and taking care of two children at home? If so, mention this! Get what we’re saying? Interviewers love real-life situations.
  3. “I think I’m the perfect fit for this position.” This is the perfect opportunity to show off your extensive knowledge of the medical facility for which you’re interviewing. Since you haven’t actually started working there yet, it’ll be tough to say that you know everything about the position and are the best candidate. So, if you’re going to make the bold claim that this job should be yours, at least come prepared with plenty of background information.

The point we’re trying to drive home: be specific in your medical assisting interview and provide as many detailed examples as possible. Employers and hiring managers will receive dozens, if not hundreds, of applications for a given medical assistant position. If you’re fortunate enough to receive an interview, don’t let them forget about you by answering questions too generically.


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