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The Four Vital Questions to Ask When Sifting Through IT Programs

It’s smart to seek information and ask questions before making a big life decision, such as choosing a school. We want you to be as informed as possible, which is why we’ve compiled a few questions about Jones College’s IT [...] Continue reading ->

Simple New Year’s Resolutions to Enhance Your Career Training

Have you come up with your 2014 resolutions yet? We’re only a week into the year, so there’s still time to decide what areas of your life you’d like to work on and improve in the coming 12 months. If [...] Continue reading ->

Five Foods That Boost Brain Power

We know you love to eat… almost as much as you love attending Jones College. Right?!? And your fascination with chowing down probably intensifies during the holiday season, when you’re surrounded by cookies, cakes and feasts. We want you to [...] Continue reading ->

Easy Gift-Giving Ideas for Students

For some of us, gift giving is a difficult, tedious and often frustrating task. The perfect gift never jumps out, is too hard to find in a store close by, or simply costs more than our budgets allow. But don’t [...] Continue reading ->

How to Manage Your Money While in School

We all could use a little more change in our pockets. That’s a given. Most of us deal with a laundry list of bills and expenses on a regular basis (including laundry), and it’s not so easy to organize – [...] Continue reading ->

Inspirational and Educational Quotes

It’s tough to beat a good quote sometimes. Especially a good quote from a person who’s seen (or who saw) significant success and is (or was) well-respected throughout the world. Here are a few quotes we think apply to all [...] Continue reading ->

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