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Six Ways to Impress Your Boss

Are you struggling to catch your boss’s attention at work? Are you gunning for a promotion but aren’t sure how to make yourself stand out as a quality candidate? Issues such as these occur daily in America’s workplaces – employers have a lot on their plate and competition among employees is fierce. But this isn’t always a bad thing.

Here we have six tips that you can use not only to get your current boss to notice your hard work and personality, but also prepare you for longtime career success!

Ask questions – This will not make you sound uninformed or slow. If you prepare intelligent, thoughtful questions, your boss will see your willingness to understand every detail of a project or duty. Remember, the only dumb question is the one not asked.

Be a team player – There’s no “I” in team, neither in the business office nor in the healthcare facility. Build relationships with those around you and trust that they’re going to help you succeed. Believing in your co-workers can go a long way when it comes to earning your boss’s approval.

Self-motivate – Don’t let your productivity depend on another’s direction. Know your responsibilities and work hard every day to go above and beyond. Employers love A-plus effort, and reward driven individuals accordingly.

Learn every day – Soak up at least one new piece of information about your job, your company or your industry as a whole every day! It’s when we become stagnant that our work stops improving or we lose our career passion. Bosses have keen senses, and can tell when you’re not progressing.

Be flexible (with a positive attitude) – Sometimes, your boss may ask you to complete a task that doesn’t typically fall within your job description. Other times, you may be asked to stay a couple hours late to finish a project with a tight deadline. Try to view these as positive situations rather than hassles. Show effort and a can-do attitude, and your boss will realize your dedication to the position.

Be detail-oriented – Details separate a good employee from a great employee. You may be great at what you do, but if you don’t pay attention to the little things, deadlines are missed and efficiencies are lost. Regardless of your task – no matter how miniscule – make it a priority to double- and triple-check your work.

These aren’t short-term, get-noticed-quick schemes. If you take these suggestions to heart and incorporate them into your work habits, you will get results. You’ll develop deeper working relationships, establish trust with colleagues and set yourself up for climbing the career ladder. Start practicing now – that way you’ll be in the right mindset as soon as possible!


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