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How to Work From Home Effectively

Alright, Jones College Business Administration graduates. This one’s for you! (Don’t worry, current students. It can very much apply to you, too.)  Have you ever received the opportunity to work from home, or had to work from home because of an illness that kept you from the office?

As much fun as it can be to complete your tasks without ever stepping out from your own front door, it’s not as simple as it sounds. There are numerous distractions that prohibit us from work working effectively – maybe you have young children running around and demanding attention, or perhaps your favorite show is on and calling your name. Well, if you want to keep those work-from-home privileges, you’ll need to develop a productivity plan of attack.

Here are some ideas:

Establish your work zone – While the couch may sound like a comfortable place to work, it can become distracting because of the comfy cushions all around and a TV right in front of you. If you have a desk large enough to accommodate your work, use it. That, or create a makeshift work area at the kitchen or dining room table.

Get dressed – It may sound silly, but wearing nice clothes can help change your perception of working from home. You’ll be motivated because it seems more like a typical work environment. Scooby-Doo pajamas are perfect for Saturday-morning lounging, but there’s no place for them in your business career.

Take breaks – Make a habit of taking breaks so you can maintain your concentration throughout the day. If you try to push through eight straight hours of mental activity, your performance will dwindle. Take a walk around the block or spend a few minutes preparing a snack. Your business administration career depends on a well-rested brain.

Make sure your family knows the deal – Working from home only works if you actually have the opportunity to, you know, work. If you’re not able to find peace and quiet, the home work station won’t be very effective.

Utilize inter-office communication – You may be at home, but that doesn’t mean co-workers aren’t in the office. If you have a company-wide messenger or chat system, use it to keep in touch with others. Or, if needed, utilize conference call lines to gather status updates. Just make sure not to seclude yourself from the group just because you aren’t physically sitting at your desk.

Create a to-do list – Staying on task is much easier when you have clear goals in mind or, better yet, written down. Decide what you wish to accomplish early in the day, and then work hard to stick to your plan. Condense the list as much as possible so that you’re completing quality work instead of simply checking off meaningless tasks.

Shake up your work zone if it’s unsuccessful – If working from home is harder than you think, start the whole process over and find a new work zone – preferably one with few unneeded electronics, minimal noise and lots of positive energy.

Next time you’re in a position to work from home, take these tips to heart. Business Administration graduates, especially – the business field is more likely than others to offer a work-from-home policy. And even if you’re still a student, you can apply these suggestions to your homework routines and become more time-efficient.


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