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Career Tips That Will Actually Get You a Job After Graduation

If you haven’t heard already, graduation is yet again upon us and in true over-achiever fashion, you’ve done all of the leg work. You’ve aced all of your finals, have an immaculate GPA and have already lined up your first job as a newly educated member of society.

Wait—none of those things apply to you? No worries! Although it would be ideal to have these accomplishments synched tightly under your belt, they are not a necessity to getting a great job post-grad. Here are some after graduation career tips you will need to obtain the job you’ve always wanted.

1. Resume: This may come as no surprise, but you need a good resume to get a job. What goes on a resume? Of course you will need the basics: a clear objective, contact information, job history, education and accomplishments (academic or work related). Does all of this sound foreign to you? Or maybe it doesn’t, but you just need a little help with formatting. Don’t worry; Jones College has a career service ready to help you with this very thing.

2. Cover Letter: Yes, you will need a cover letter in addition to your resume. Cover letters are a necessity and serve as an excellent way to show future employers a general understanding of who you are. Not only do they show your “voice,” but they serve as a great way to sum up your past experience in a given area—so feel free to do a little bragging and show ‘em what you’ve got.

Don’t know how to make your cover letter stand out against the rest?
Sometimes cover letters can be painfully tricky to write, but have no fear—Jones College’s Career Service to the rescue yet again. They are fully equipped and willing to help you with scary tasks just like this.

3. Experience: So you have zero years’ experience working in the industry you want to go in to? While work-related experience does look good to potential employers, skills and training learned in the classroom can be just as significant. Jones’ expert faculty and support staff not only give you the knowledge you need for your choice of career, but they provide the training and experience necessary to enter into the job market with confidence.

So when writing your cover letter or if asked about previous experience, don’t be shy about discussing your educational training. It may be just the thing to land you the job.

4. Networking: Have you ever heard the expression ‘it’s who you know?’ Well, for the most part it’s true. Do you want to become a legal assistant? Join an organization who gets together to discuss their love of civil legislation. Ask an actual legal assistant if you can shadow him or her at work once a week. Get involved with your local chamber of commerce to network with working professionals. Chat with your professor about a group they’re involved in within their field.

What’s the point here? Do whatever you can to get your foot in the door. Let people related to your career of interest know who you are. The connections you make today, will more than likely give you an edge over your competition tomorrow.

Whether you are prepared for graduation or let the day slowly creep up on you, Jones College is ready to help get you to the next step by following these career tips. Their expert staff not only helps identify career options and opportunities, but they make sure you have all of the necessary components to actually get the job you’ve been training for all along.

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