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Building Relationships with your Instructors: Benefits

You have read how to build a relationship with your instructor, but now you are asking why? Here are a few reasons why it is important to build strong relationships with your instructor.

  1. Knowing that you have an instructor that will take time to help you personally will make class and the rest of your schooling less overwhelming.
  2. If you are struggling with particular concepts your instructor can become a resource for further understanding of that material.
  3. You have an experienced individual that is willing to look over your assignments for revisions before you turn them in (just make sure you allow them plenty of time before the due date).
  4. Your instructor may reflect on your determination to succeed when calculating grades, which could have the potential to impact you positively.
  5. They can help you get involved with organizations on campus as well as in the community to make the most of your college experience and prepare you for your future job. They may directly know of organizations and community volunteer opportunities that can enhance your experience and resume.
  6. Instructors offer valuable career information and future job tips for your field.
  7. Building a relationship with an instructor has a means of turning into a natural mentor to guide you and give you pertinent advice for your current situation and the future.
  8. Having a professional relationship with an instructor will alleviate some of the stress that comes when asking for a letter of recommendation or reference.
  9. Expanding your professional network is another positive reason to build a relationship with an instructor. This network will prove to be beneficial whether you are looking for a job now or in the future.
  10. Along with growing your professional network, you may be getting ready to graduate and are on the job search. Your instructor may know someone that is hiring and can connect or recommend you to that person or company, which will boost your candidacy.

This list is not all-inclusive of the many benefits that come from building relationships with your instructors, but it gives a good base. Get to know your professors to make the most of your college experience and to advance your future career!

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