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Brand Yourself With Your Contacts

We’ve seen time and again that the students who develop relationships with professional contacts are usually the ones who end up with the jobs they’re looking for. Networking is crucial in your job search. But are you maximizing your networking potential, or are you just maintaining minimal communication with your list of contacts? If you’re simply getting by without being proactive, you’re missing out on key opportunities to brand yourself within the minds of these vital connections.

Take the time to brand yourself as positively as possible, all while creating a mutually beneficial relationship with your contacts. Here are some easy ways to do so:

Ask if you can keep in touch – chances are, your contacts are going to say yes. Respectable contacts know it’s important not to burn bridges, and will be happy to keep you as a connection, too. You may encounter an opportunity to help them out at some point in the future. If that time ever arises, you’ll both be well-equipped and well-connected.

Spend your time where your contacts do – this is your chance to meet with contacts in a less-formal setting than a scheduled one-on-one. Let’s say you’re pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business administration and are set on beginning a career in marketing. Find out what professional marketing organizations your marketing contacts belong to, and then attend the next meeting. You’ll position yourself to be noticed, and you’ll also have extra opportunities to learn, start conversations and be remembered.

Inform your contacts of your successes – We all like to know when we’ve helped someone out. It makes us feel good about ourselves and the work that we do. So, when you land the internship you’ve been wanting or, after four rounds of interviews, you are finally awarded a position in that respected marketing firm, give your influential contacts a call or send them a quick message. Make sure to thank them for taking the time to meet with you and provide advice. Once again, let them know you’re willing to help them out in the future if there’s anything they ever need. They’ll appreciate the gesture, and it’s a great way to brand yourself once again.

Need some more advice on how to brand yourself positively with your contacts? Get in touch with the Jones College Career Services department today!

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