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40 Things College Students Can Do Now to Prepare for Graduation

Preparing for graduation can often times be hectic, especially if you wait until the last minute. Don’t let college graduation sneak up on you. Here are 40 things you can start doing today in preparation for (and after) the big day.
1. Create a clear resume objective statement.
2. Order your cap and gown.
3. Draft a cover letter.
4. Send out graduation invitations.
5. Do your homework.
6. Visit career services.
7. Pick out the perfect graduation outfit.
8. Write a resume.
9. Re-write your resume.
10. Spend time with classmates.
11. Network with industry professionals.
12. Study, study and study some more!
13. Talk with your advisor.
14. Secure quality references (at least three).
15. Job search.
16. Look for internships.
17. Perfect your interviewing skills.
18. Ask your professors for career advice.
19. Write down a list of career goals.
20. Do research on the career you want to get into.
21. Apply for the job you’ve always wanted.
22. Go to a career fair.
23. Network with class peers.
24. Create a portfolio to show potential employers.
25. Sign up for LinkedIn.
26. Join your college’s alumni network.
27. Research the companies you want to work for.
28. Apply, apply, apply for jobs!
29. Exchange social information with valued classmates.
30. Don’t forget to proofread.
31. Ask professors and/or faculty to write letters of recommendation.
32. Clean up your social media.
33. Visit the financial aid office.
34. Upload your resume and cover letter for quick, easy sharing.
35. Shop for interview attire.
36. Practice a 30 second elevator speech.
37. Join a club.
38. Change your Facebook status to “I’m almost there! #classof2014.”
39. Graduate.
40. Smile, because you did it!

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