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Why Train for Your Elementary Education Bachelor’s Degree?

Did you grow up with dreams of becoming an elementary school teacher? Many children do, and are determined enough to still hold on to those dreams when the time comes to make a career choice. If you’re considering a possible teaching career, but still aren’t sure, here are a few reasons why the Elementary Education bachelor’s degree program at Jones College could be the right choice for you!

  1. Great Schedule

Let’s not pretend that this isn’t the number one reason on the list. Every working professional in America who isn’t a teacher — envies teachers — because of their amazing schedule. When not taking on summer school duties, most elementary teachers receive a two-to-three-month vacation during the summer months, just like their students. While this schedule may not be the same for all teachers, most of those who do have a summer break enjoy it very much.

  1. Job Security

We’re always going to need qualified teachers to hold positions in our schools. If you’re willing to work where the teaching jobs are available, earning your bachelor’s degree in elementary education can propel you into a new career in Florida! If you practice your craft and earn the required teaching certifications, you’ll be on the path to get the job you’re searching for.

  1. Personal Satisfaction

When you spend your days in a classroom with children, you never know what kind of impression you’re going to make on them. Hopefully it’s positive – one that you can be proud of. Kids really do say that darndest things and you’ll be encouraged and amazed by the silly, profound and wonderful things you’ll hear from them. If you want to know the honest reason so many choose an elementary teaching career, that’s it.

  1. You mold tomorrow’s minds

The only way we can hope to achieve success as a society is to teach our kids to be lifelong learners. Guess where that starts. You got it – in elementary school! During this time in a child’s development, he or she learns more than an in any other phase of life. As a teacher, you have the privilege of spending your days at the forefront of their growth. Do whatever you can to make sure they’re learning the basics of what they need to succeed in the world. They’ll thank you for it one day!

Contact Jones College today if you’re ready to begin training for your Elementary Education bachelor’s degree.


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