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What Does it Take to Make a Career as an Entrepreneur?

Developing a new business idea (and seeing it through to completion) takes a lot of drive mixed with a little bit of luck. The hours are long, the sacrifices are numerous and you face new problems and challenges every single day. But if you’re able to withstand the adversity that comes along with building a business from the ground up, you can surely benefit from earning your education in a business administration program. Read about some of the qualities of a great entrepreneur. If you don’t already, you may need to develop these traits if you’re going to succeed at making a living creating something out of nothing.

Self-motivation: To succeed as an entrepreneur, you’ll have to rely on your own effort and intuition more than ever before. If you’re lucky, you’ll have an extensive network of people who can help you through their own areas of expertise. But when first evolving a business idea, pushing yourself to work both harder and smarter could be your toughest challenge. Do you know any entrepreneurs? Think about their personalities – chances are, they exhibit passion and relentless intensity in everything they do.

Genuine interest in business sustainability: The best businesses aren’t necessarily the ones that gross the highest revenue. That’s a big piece of it, but it’s not everything. A great business generates revenue, and then finds a way to increase the trend year after year. Is there a secret to long-term success? Not exactly, but there is common denominator among most of the world’s great start-ups-turned-successes. The answer – customer trust, which is built upon two main factors: the quality of a business’s product or service, and the relationship cultivated with the customer.

Willingness to fail: A great entrepreneur must wear thick skin – figuratively, of course. You can almost go as far as to say that this is their most valuable trait. Failure is tough, and most of us go through life with the idea that failure means… well, failing. But in reality, that’s not the way it works. Have a conversation with any great business leader. They probably have dealt with more major setbacks than victories in their careers. But they pressed on because they know that they MUST fail in order to see what ideas don’t work and to learn from mistakes. Failure isn’t what hinders success. The fear of failure is the real culprit.

Innovation: The next big idea is out there, waiting to be thought up, designed, built and conquered. Entrepreneurs embrace this “go get ‘em” mentality, and constantly search for new ways to improve upon products and services currently offered. It’s almost as if entrepreneurs hold the power to see into the future. They understand business markets and sectors, and can see potential growth opportunities that others either can’t see or aren’t willing to test.

Do any of these traits describe you? If so, you might just be the next great entrepreneur and business leader. Want some more info about Jones College’s Business Administration program? Contact us today!


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