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The Perks of a Career in Teaching

Have you ever thought about becoming a teacher? Teaching is a popular career choice because of the many benefits that come with the position. If you are interested in becoming a teacher and you think a degree in Elementary Education could be for you, read on to see some of the perks.


People joke about the amount teachers are paid, but teachers actually receive a solid paycheck and have a salary that is in line with many other professions. There is a decent amount of job security as well. Unlike many industries, layoffs and downsizing are rare occurrences in education.

Good Benefits

Benefits such as health insurance and retirement savings are not offered in many professions today, but they are available to teacher. Teaching is a great way to secure your future as well. Most people don’t expect to get a pension after they retire, but teachers do. Also, the health, dental and vision benefits are among the best when compared with other industries. Teaching also offers additional benefits such as sick days and tuition reimbursement.

Work Schedule/Vacation Time

For those with a family, work schedules will often match those of your children. That is, you may share days off. Whether you have children or not, any teacher can benefit from the extra time off they receive compared to other professions.  Teachers get weekends and holidays off, as well as a lengthy winter and summer break. The extra time off that teachers receive gives them the option to pursue other passions. Some teachers work part time jobs for extra pay in the summer, other’s spend the extra time furthering their education. Whatever you choose to do, that extra time can be a huge benefits.

Opportunity to Make a Difference

Finally, as a teacher you have the opportunity to make a difference. You can mold young minds and help them to see their potential. Teachers have the opportunity to work with the younger generation of kids and help ensure that they can someday be productive members of our society. Many successful adults still remember the teachers in their life that made a difference for them. As a teacher you can leave work each day feeling proud of the work you have done. This is a perk that many professions don’t offer and it is one of the most popular reasons people become teachers.

Teaching is a career that can fill you with passion, give you more time with your family, and provide you with peace of mind about job security. It is an excellent career for anyone who is caring and passionate. If you are interested in teaching, a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education might be for you.

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