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Six Signs That You’re Destined to Become an Elementary Teacher

The idea of standing up in front of a class of youngsters sounds somewhat appealing, but are you fit to become an elementary teacher? Before you rule out the profession or start writing “future teacher of the year” on your resume, take a look at this list of qualities that highly successful teachers often possess. You may be perfect for an elementary teaching career, and we don’t want you to miss out on this potentially great opportunity!

You’re compassionate: To teach is to care about the well-being of others and the futures that await them. In elementary school, especially, children learn in different ways and at different rates. Some won’t comprehend material as quickly as their classmates, so you’ll need to act as a cheerleader encouraging their academic victories – no matter how small they seem.

You’re passionate: What motivates you to hop out of bed in the morning? Does the thought of molding young minds day-after-day excite you? A primary goal of elementary school is to help kids WANT to soak up as much as possible – not just earn good grades. And without a driven teacher leading a class, children might struggle to enjoy learning.

You love a challenge: Maybe you grew up playing sports, or perhaps you participated in other events throughout your life. Competitive activities require the desire to overcome obstacles regularly. It’s important to possess this trait as an elementary school teacher, because you’ll certainly have kids in your class who push your buttons. They might not understand your lessons or they may even have behavioral issues. It’ll be tough, but great elementary school teachers love taking on the challenge.

You desire results: Numbers (measurable outcomes) aren’t everything, but they sure as heck are important. They may come in the form of state assessments or other district- or school-mandated goals. Ultimately, you want to say with confidence that your students finish each school year having made clear academic and social progress.

You aren’t afraid to get creative: Think about your time in elementary school. Were your favorite teachers the ones who were always serious and regimented? Our guess is probably not. You liked the teachers who – well – taught you, but also engaged with you and thought up creative activities and assignments.

You see the glass half-full: By nature, elementary teachers should be optimistic – optimistic about school subjects, optimistic about making friends and optimistic about the success of every child in class. A smile and a bit of encouragement can go a long way, especially for young, impressionable elementary students.

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If these traits describe you, you may just have what it takes to become an elementary teacher. Qualified individuals just like you are sought out by elementary schools every year, so why wait to make your mark in the professional world? Contact Jones College today to learn more about earning your bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education!


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