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Reasons to Become a Legal Assistant

Still trying to decide if a legal career is right for you? Go ahead and keep on thinking about it, but hopefully after you read this the answer will be a little more clear. We’ve highlighted some of the most noted reasons why students choose to become a legal assistant, so take a look and see if these motives are important to you, too.

Competitive pay: Compensation for qualified legal assistants has, for the most part, risen steadily over the past couple decades. As responsibilities have grown and legal assistants are taking on more administrative roles than in the past, salaries and hourly wages have followed suit and increased, too. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, legal assistants earned a median annual income of $46,680 in 2010. As time progresses, that amount is likely to evolve just like the position, itself.

Job outlook: Legal assisting has seen steady growth as a profession, and will likely continue to do so over throughout the decade. Competition for entry-level legal assisting positions is strong because of the number of applicants, but those with the right training, such as the Legal Assisting Associate Degree from Jones College, are well-prepared to enter the field with confidence.

Enjoy a challenge: If you want to breeze through your career without having to do much thinking, there are several paths you can take. But legal assisting isn’t one of them. Legal assistants are smart, hard-working individuals who put time and effort into both their thoughts and their work. It might not be an easy career path, but those who enter it are sure to better themselves because of the knowledge and work ethic they’ll obtain.

Train quickly: While the work may be challenging, legal assistants are fortunate in that they can receive their education and begin careers much faster than attorneys. Legal assistants learn much of the same subject matter and must be well-versed in legal proceedings, but legal assisting students can complete their degree and enter the field without additional years of law school.

Help others: When you think of careers that help others, what comes into your head? Doctors, teachers or something similar to those? Maybe those occupations get a lot of credit for helping people, but the legal field provides assistance to thousands of people every day. Some law firms and practicing attorneys even provide pro bono work for those who can’t afford their own legal counsel, and legal assistants get to be right in the thick of the process.

What most makes you want to become a legal assistant? Or, Jones College legal assisting alumni, what are the greatest benefits of legal assisting now that you’re actually working in the field? We’d love to hear from all of you!


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