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Do You Possess a Personality for Marketing?

When you earn your business administration associate’s degree from Jones College, you open yourself up to a variety of entry-level opportunities. There’s potential to work in finance, human resources or even work toward a management position. But what about a job in marketing? The marketing career field is exciting and innovating. At Jones, you’ll train to develop the skills you’ll need to succeed in marketing. Now the question is – do you have the personality for marketing?

These four questions may help you figure out the answer!

Can you handle constructive criticism?

When you take on an entry-level marketing position, sometimes you’ll need thick skin. The field can be competitive and your work may be reviewed by several people on any given day. Just remember that persistence pays off – when you receive feedback you weren’t hoping for, turn the situation into a learning opportunity and strive for even better work the next time.

Can you handle long work hours?

While exciting and gratifying, the marketing field is notorious for non-traditional work hours, which may sometimes include nights and weekends. The business and technology worlds change daily, and today’s marketers must be on top of their games to keep up with the constant innovation. But when you’re grinding through a 55-hour work week, others will notice your dedication.

Do you work well in a team?

Teamwork is the glue that holds any successful business together. Within a marketing department, not only will you work closely with other members of the marketing team, but you’ll probably also maintain close relationships with those in finance, sales, IT, etc. The ability to perform individual work is absolutely necessary, but you also can’t discount the importance of an effective team player.

Can you hit deadlines?

Just like completing homework on time can make or break a student’s grade, finishing work by its due date can be a determining factor in your job success. It’s not always easy, but it’s crucial that marketers (and others) nail their deadlines so that the workflow can continue. If you’re behind on a project, it may halt the entire team. Hold yourself accountable to deadlines, and remember that “the dog ate your work” excuse likely won’t amuse your boss.

These questions aren’t meant to scare you away from a marketing career – they’re simply checkpoints you should consider before diving it. Every job has them! And if you answered ‘yes’ to the questions above, the world of business and marketing is lucky to have you. You can begin training for your career in marketing by enrolling in the Business Administration Associate Degree Program at Jones College. Don’t miss out on your shot to show the marketing world what you have to offer!


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