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Decision-Making Strategy

Let’s face it – for most people, making decisions is a stressful and time consuming process. Some people tend to dwell on the potential outcomes and only focus on the negative aspects, while others don’t take the consequences into account [...] Continue reading ->

Cover Letter Tips

Graduation is quickly approaching, which means only a few more projects and assignments and you will be done forever, right?? Unfortunately, that is not always the case, especially because graduation will almost always guarantee a job search. It may be [...] Continue reading ->

10 Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteering may not be the first fun activity that comes to your mind when you think about how to spend your free time away from your studies, but it has proven to be one of the most rewarding. Read more [...] Continue reading ->

Preparing an “Elevator Speech” for Career Fairs

What does an elevator have to do with a speech you ask? Well, it is the term used to describe the short 30 second to two minute speech that you could have with somebody in an elevator ride, also known [...] Continue reading ->

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