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Job Interviews: The Important Questions

When a job interview is wrapping up, you’ll probably get to ask your own questions. As much as this is an opportunity for you to gather more information about your possible position, it’s also another chance for the interviewer to [...] Continue reading ->

Many Successful Students Complete Internships. Here’s Why.

The best thing you can do to prepare for a future career is work hard in school. Participating in class, studying for tests and completing group projects can do a world of good in teaching you about your chosen field. [...] Continue reading ->

The Four Vital Questions to Ask When Sifting Through IT Programs

It’s smart to seek information and ask questions before making a big life decision, such as choosing a school. We want you to be as informed as possible, which is why we’ve compiled a few questions about Jones College’s IT [...] Continue reading ->

Simple New Year’s Resolutions to Enhance Your Career Training

Have you come up with your 2014 resolutions yet? We’re only a week into the year, so there’s still time to decide what areas of your life you’d like to work on and improve in the coming 12 months. If [...] Continue reading ->

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