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Job Interviewers: How to Explain Getting Fired

Anyone who’s ever been let go from a job knows it’s not fun to answer questions about it during an interview. Inevitably, interviewers somehow find a way to reach that dreaded topic. Honestly, there’s no good way to sugarcoat losing [...] Continue reading ->

Finals Preparation: Start Early!

Effective test taking is all about planning. And that’s why we’re releasing this finals preparation guide now – in mid-November. You should have plenty of time to organize and develop a strategy. The last thing we want is for you [...] Continue reading ->

How to Stand Out in Your Medical Assisting Interview

What does it really take to stand out in your medical assisting interview? Actually, the answer lies in the question itself. You must stand out if you want to stand out. Make sense? If not, all we really mean is [...] Continue reading ->

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